The freshest air in the world and the most spectacular starry sky in the universe. Lakes of crystal clear water and ample fish, forest full of berries, the wilderness and gorge valleys. The most hospitable people in Finland and culinary delicacies, made from local organic ingredients. This all will be Arctic Blue Resort Kontiolahti - a hidden treasure, where wordly cares pause.

"Arctic Brands Group is a small company from Finland. The land of uncountable forests and lakes that make our nature uniquely clean and pure. We don't create alcohol. We create experiences. We have now joined in lodging and nutritional activities. Arctic Blue Resort will be a Finnish treasure, hidden in North Karelia, that with its natural resources and services provides a unique setting for calming and relaxing. Not to mention activities in unison with the arctic ambiance.

With many surrounding ridges, height differences are used effectively to sculpt the landscape in a way that much of the constructing remains hidden. The structure relies on natural resources, and renewable energy is being utilized for heating and electricity throughout the area. Transportation in the region is carried out by electric vehicles. If the visitors wish to participate in reducing the carbon footprint, it will naturally be heeded in the accommodation fee. "

Mikko Spoof
Vice President, founder of Arctic Brands Group

"As a municipality we want to help forward investments, tourism and vitality of the area. The municipality of Kontiolahti has worked for a long time to find suitable partners for the realization of a leisure centre project. Arctic Brands Group is a fast growing international brand with such values and goals in which we unquestionably want to participate in. For our part we have made it easy to launch the leisure centre - municipality owns the land and city plan is ready. The location of Kontiolahti's leisure centre is excellent. I look forward to the co-operation. "

Jere Penttilä
Mayor of Kontiolahti


The construction has begun, and the progress will be announced on this website.

If you have any questions about Arctic Blue Resort Kontiolahti, please contact.

Jere Penttilä
Mayor of Kontiolahti

+358 50 432 7600

Toni Eurasto
Brand Manager

+358 45 656 7323